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Establishing Her Style

There are three main ways the modern man chooses a ring. The most popular is still the traditionalist way – Do it entirely yourself and surprise her completely. Planned it all out with her already? You can also both come in and choose the design together. The other great option is just choosing the centre diamond or gemstone – it gives you something to propose with, but also allows you to keep control on the major part of the expenses.

If you're choosing it all yourself and she hasn't dropped any hints, don’t fear! Here are some things to look out for (we'll also run you through this at your consultation):

  • Does your partner wear any jewellery currently? Is it white gold, or silver, yellow gold, rose or copper, or two tone?
  • What do her hands look like? Small, wide, short fingers, long, slim fingers? Does she have large knuckles?
  • What does she do for employment? Office job, nurse, physically demanding work? Will she have to take it off?
  • What's her style? What does she wear? What are her interests? Is she sporty, executive, feminine, classic, quirky, modern?

You've got the basics. You know your budget, your time frame, and you've established her style. How does that translate into design?

There are many different elements of designs > > >